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Teaser New collection Rossetto


New collection Rossetto

Hermann Koch Europe is your partner for customised plastic packaging. Our designs are developed in-house. A whole variety of drafts for new packaging solutions are generated by our innovation team every year on different themes and trends.

Rossetto is one of these packaging innovations.

We develop our packaging with a focus on:

  • creating the best decorative surfaces
  • component and size flexibility are taken into account
  • sustainability aspects

Our new Rossetto collection meets more than the requirements mentioned so far. It stands out due to its distinctive appearance and yet still retains an elegant cosmetic and body care packaging shape reminiscent of a lipstick.

This elegant design appears in the form of a 50 ml jar, 200 ml tottle and 250 ml bottle.

The tottle and bottle are fitted with a 2K cap to provide scope for customised colouring.

Curious? Then contact our sales team, we will be happy to offer you a customised packaging solution.